It’s a girl thang

A Girls Gender Responsive Empowerment module that focuses on empowering and shaping the lives of adolescent females. These workshops provide tools and information that explore healthy lifestyles, leadership and decision making skills, and teaches the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence. Nowadays with the impact of social media, peer pressure has a whole new meaning. Girls are constantly bombarded and pressured to be “perfect”, look “perfect” and anything that is seen as an imperfection or flaw is perceived as failure. These constant pressures impede upon how girls see themselves and the pressure can be overwhelming. They have to have the right friends and worry about having or not having a boyfriend. Social media is one of the most persuasive forces shaping cultural norms, it is an ongoing battle that invades the world of the adolescent girl on a continual basis. The message being sent is that a girl’s value lies more in the way she looks rather than in her power to lead. Sadly their self worth is often based on “Likes” “re-tweets”, or “hearts”. These sessions will begin to change that narrative and empower and shift the young ladies to embrace and value their strengths, giftings, and beauty that lies on the inside of them. They will begin to understand the importance of self-care and self-worth. They will participate in activites that will develop leadership skills, challenge negative thinking, and explore decision making skills. The harmful effects of drugs, sexuality, and healthy relationships will also be discussed. These sessions are designed to empower and enlighten. The goal is for each young lady to leave each session feeling that girls can do anything and they have the capacity to make all their dreams come true. “Girl Power” is the theme throughout each and every session.

Hands-On and Interactive Theme Centered Workshops for Adolescents

These Exciting Modules help the youth to develop the skills and tools they need to be leaders, and role models in their communities. There are several topics available. A few are listed below:

Conflict resolution ( Can’t We All Just Get Along)

This workshop is designed to present situations that are typically problematic for most adolescents. An important focus is teaching on adolescent skills for every day problem solving. Using every day situations, the lessons focus on goal setting, stopping to think before acting, considering alternative solutions, and weighing the cost and benefits of different choices for self and others. Emphasis is placed on solutions and provide positive outcomes for self and others.

Teens and Sex ( If It Feels Good..Do It)

Today’s youth are growing up in a sex-saturated society that bombards them with conflicting images and messages. This workshop will offer a practical approach to sexuality by providing straightforward information that answers teens questions, debunks sexual myths, and corrects misconceptions. It will help teens understand the importance of making healthy decisions, being responsible about their sexual health, and taking charge of their life. Birth control and pregnancy prevention are also explored.

Dating Violence and Abuse (But You Said You Loved Me!!)

Dating violence and abuse during the adolescent teenage years has become a common event for many teenagers. The youth will learn that one-third of high school students report being in a abusive relationship. The abuse can range from emotional abuse-verbal putdowns, manipulation, and threats to self-esteem- to physical injury and even death. Youths will be able to identify the warning signs of a potentially abusive/violent relationship, identify types of abuse and how they are manifested ,understand that abuse is never acceptable behavior, and describe the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Decision Making and Goal setting ( I Have Purpose And my Eye Is On The Prize)

This session will explore the importance of making goo decisions and goal setting. It will teach each youth that decisions come with either rewards, or consequences. Delayed gratification n goal setting skills will be explored. Participants will create vision boards, develop both short and long term goals, all while understanding the impact their decisions and choices will affect the direction their life takes. Careers and discovering their skill set will also be explored.

When Faith And Mental Health Collide

This is a clinical program that merges mental health and spirituality. It’s goal is to liberate God’s people from the “stigma” that exist when it comes to mental health and mental wellness. It also defines “trauma” and helps participants understand that their emotional wounds have the potential to influence and shape every area of their lives. Through these symposiums, participants will learn the skills and coping mechanisms they need to be healed and made whole.  They will be exposed to various clinical approaches that merge the field of social science and the Bible. Through these approaches, participants will learn the importance of taking care of their own of mental health. They will learn about emotional wounds, and the impact of trauma on their lives. They will understand that God is concerned about every area of their lives and He is concerned about their mental wellness as well. This program intertwines the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide an approach to mental and emotional health that pulls from biblical teachings. It also encourages people to regain and maintain a sense of hope through the teachings of Jesus Christ. He is our Hope and He cares about our mental health. It is my hope that I will be able to serve you and your congregation through this program that places them on a journey toward wholeness both emotionally, and spiritually. This program seeks to incorporate professional excellence with Christian values, empowering individuals, and families to reach their full potential in Christ by helping them gain new insights and skills, all while deepening their understanding of God. “Heal My Wounded Place” wants to be a blessing to people and churches providing a resource for the struggles, cries, and transitions of life.

sista Circle

A Women's Support Group focusing on Mental health and Mental wellness. This group is based on spiritual and biblical principles designed to motivate, strengthen and empower women. Often times, women have on “super-hero capes” doing all she can do to be all things to all people. It is a group that focuses on healing the wounds and pain of trauma.The daily pressures of motherhood, being a wife, being single, career, home and the list can feel as though it is endless. This support group is a place to take off your “cape” and BREATHE. In this circle, you will find an environment of acceptance and a place where you are valued and cherished just for being YOU. This circle is the place we let our hair down, be Ok with not being Ok, and refocus and recenter ourselves.These sessions will provide support, encouragement, and insight into all things pertaining to women. Here we will learn about the importance of self-care, self-worth and our strength as we connect and love on each other. If you come broken, you will leave whole. If you come discouraged, you will leave encouraged, if you come without friends, you will leave with SISTERS. Join us! We welcome you to the CIRCLE.

My Heart..Her Heart- Mother/Daughter Retreat

These sessions can be done as one day segments, or can be utilized as a retreat. A Time of Reconnecting and building communication from Heart to Heart. The topics are designed to fuse connection between Mother and daughter all while building a better understanding ,healing, and unbreakable bond. The goal is to build and strengthen the relationship. Are there issues or unresolved hurts from your own childhood that are now being triggered for you as you parent your daughter? Do you feel your communication with your daughter needs improvement? Would you like her to understand how important it is to make good decisions for her self? Do you want her to develop better self-esteem? Do you worry that she has poor role models to choose from? Do you wish that you could be a listening ear when she goes through hard times? How do you overcome and breakthrough the separation? How do you build and possibly rebuild a foundation of trust? How do you heal, improve, and strengthen the relationship with your daughter? Whether you are trying to mend a damaged relationship or deepen an already connected relationship between you and your daughter, this Retreat will be a powerful life-changing experience for you both. You may choose a full day or a two day retreat. All sessions are geared toward the journey of healing and restoration for every mother and daughter that participates. The goal is for Mom to understand the heart of the daughter and the Daughter to understand the heart of her mother. The end goal is to connect the two.

Empower “ME” Sessions

Created for both men and women, these are one on one clinical sessions facilitated by Dr. K. designed to empower and encourage. The goal is to improve an individual's well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills. Individualized goals and treatment plans will be developed based on each client’s needs. We will explore ways to interrupt unhealthy and harmful cycles and patterns. Through these sessions, the individual will develop the skills to look deep inside and begin to treat their “wounded place”. They will discover hidden hurts, unresolved issues, and come face to face with the man or woman in the mirror. The client will begin to learn tools such as setting healthy boundaries, healthy coping mechanisms, and the importance of self-love. Whether it is a journey that teaches one to forgive themselves or others, a path where they find their voice, or simply a soft place to fall, the Empower “Me” Sessions are designed for you to discover YOU and place you on a path of being healthy, healed and whole.

Life Coach

As a Life Coach, Dr. K will empower you to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and make desired changes. We will partner together in helping you achieve your dreams, overcome any obstacles and barriers, and work toward making changes to improve and enhance your life. Through our coaching sessions, Dr.K will provide direction and assistance in developing a “Life-plan” with detailed action steps that equip you in creating the life you desire. Dr.K will challenge and support you as she mentors you and holds you accountable. She will ensure you are doing “the work” and accomplishing your goals, one task at a time. The overall goal of each coaching session is to Teach each participant specific strategies, tools and skills, that will assist each individual in creating the life they want and desire.

Professional Development Workshops

Workshops designed for those who service children and or adolescents. Dr. K provides advanced professional learning with over 25 years of experience working with children and families. She brings a wealth of professional knowledge and will provide instruction and a “toolkit” to broaden the skill set of every participant. During these workshops, each participant will explore ways to improve competence and effectiveness as educators and service providers. Some of the goals of these modules are to re-energize the staff, and increase awareness of changing trends concerning the families and youth they serve. Mentoring and empowering youth, cultural competence, creative behavioral techniques with “at risk” students, best practices working with girls and ways to encourage parental involvement in treatment and in the student’s educational experience are some of the workshops that are available.

Parenting Workshops

Parents are the greatest resource in ensuring our children or youth are successful. Whether it be the parents of school age children, or parents of the organization or program works with, Dr.K can assist in educating, empowering, and encouraging them to succeed as parents or guardians. Through this module, parents will learn how to balance work and family. Topics such as juggling love and discipline, understanding ages and stages, and the various types of parenting styles will all be discussed. Parents will learn ways to enhance their child’s self-esteem and understand their role as their child’s advocate, and first supporter. Parents often feel isolated and without adequate support networks. This workshop will be a place where parents will enhance their parenting skills, and be given the opportunity to develop a support system through the relationships they are able to form through this group process.

Building Up The “Builder”

A series of workshops for Churches or Church organizations. This module is designed to empower, encourage and strengthen Church Leaders. What happens when the Leader becomes weary? Is there a such thing as God’s leaders suffering from burnout? This workshop discusses what happens when leaders become tired. One can read the scriptures and find countless times when God’s people felt empty, exhausted and simply worn out. What does the bible say about those times of weariness? Is it a sin to feel hopeless and want to quit? Have you lost your faith? During these sessions, we explore what happens when leaders become simply tired. We discuss the need for continual self-care, ways to maintain good mental health, and the signs that tell us when we are in need of a season of restoration and replenishment.

Beyond The Bars….Beyond The BROKENNESS

A comprehensive, gender responsive support group for incarcerated women. This support group will address women who are “imprisoned” by trauma, fear, regret, domestic violence and abuse issues. The group will also target issues of self-esteem, sexuality/intimacy, interpersonal skills, relationships with family and significant others, parenting and health and wellness. Designed for women who are presently incarcerated, or newly released, this program equips the participant with the skills and tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives treating the mind, body and soul.

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