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"It's A Girl Thang!"

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

A Girls Gender Responsive Empowerment module that focuses on empowering and shaping the lives of adolescent females.

These workshops provide tools and information that explore healthy lifestyles, leadership and decision-making skills, and teaches the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence. Nowadays with the impact of social media, peer pressure has a whole new meaning. Girls are constantly bombarded and pressured to be “perfect”, look “perfect” and anything that is seen as an imperfection or flaw is perceived as failure. These constant pressures impede upon how girls see themselves and the pressure can be overwhelming. They have to have the right friends and worry about having or not having a boyfriend. Social media is one of the most persuasive forces shaping cultural norms, it is an ongoing battle that invades the world of the adolescent girl on a continual basis. The message being sent is that a girl’s value lies more in the way she looks rather than in her power to lead. Sadly, their self-worth is often based on “Likes” “re-tweets”, or “hearts”. These sessions will begin to change that narrative and empower and shift the young ladies to embrace and value their strengths, giftings, and beauty that lies on the inside of them. They will begin to understand the importance of self-care and self-worth. They will participate in activates that will develop leadership skills, challenge negative thinking, and explore decision making skills. The harmful effects of drugs, sexuality, and healthy relationships will also be discussed. These sessions are designed to empower and enlighten. The goal is for each young lady to leave each session feeling that girls can do anything, and they have the capacity to make all their dreams come true. “Girl Power” is the theme throughout each and every session.

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