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Women's Empowerment Life Coach

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Dr. K's empowerment program empowers and equips every woman to unlock the greatness that resides on the inside of them.

Sometimes you are not stuck. You just may need tools, guidance, and a Coach to unlock and push you right into the space you are destined to occupy. This Coaching program is a powerful tool to help women see themselves the way the Father sees them. It is designed to cause women to Soar and Ascend! Through a series of tools, meditations, and interventions, Dr. K will challenge each participant to love themselves harder, gain a greater sense of self-worth, learn the value of boundaries, and begin to believe and embrace that they are indeed Enough. Begin your Coaching journey with Dr. K . You are guaranteed to evolve, grow, and become your best self from the inside out.

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