Why Therapy?

Seeking Therapy or Counseling can be a big step toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the best life possible—no matter what challenges you may be facing This process can assist one through a rough season; help give clarity, or simply a tool that can be used as a source of support and stability. Through therapy, one can change behaviors, mindsets and habits. It can help to resolve painful feelings, and even improve relationships. Sadly, there is sometimes a" Stigma" associated with seeking counseling. Please understand, realizing and acknowledging that one may need some extra help or support takes more strength and bravery then simply allowing one’s life to become unbearable or out of control. Need a little extra help? A Listening ear? Tools or strategies? A new way of thinking or help “plowing” through a rough time or season?

Find a GOOD TRAINED Therapist! You will not regret it!

Overcoming Grief and Loss

Sometimes, when we loose a loved one, we feel we will not survive.  The pain is unbearable and our new normal is too difficult to accept.The Good News is you can love, loose, and survive. Even though the pain is unbearable, you will recover and embrace this new normal. Understand one of the first steps to take is being Patient with Yourself. There is no race when it comes to how we should process through our grief. You are not on anyone's schedule. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you are experiencing. Whether its unbearable pain, or a sense of anger, the day will come when you will have hope again. There is  a place on the inside of you that will survive, even through this. Believe that!

Doing something as simple as changing your expectations is helpful. We tend to think there is a certain way one is suppose to grieve. Sometimes, we even punish ourselves for  feeling anger, betrayal or even loneliness. Accept that whatever emotions you are experiencing are those of a normal grieving process. You will emerge from this place in your own time. Understand you have to move forward, and not loose your way in this place of grief. Intentionally choose to accept what you cannot change and begin to actively accept that your loved one is not coming back.

You are NOT alone. Now is the time to rely on and find strength in others. Be "ok" with seeking the help and support you need during this dark period in your life. Lean on your circle or even seek professional help to assist you in maneuvering through this season in your life. You will move beyond this place as you refuse to get stuck or paralyzed. Understand your journey has changed. You have been placed unto a different path, but you will live and survive beyond this place.

Please know that the loved one you are grieving wants you to be happy. It would hurt them to know you stopped living just because they did. Celebrate your life while paying homage to theirs. Remember, life has not stopped nor ended for you. Even though your loved one is gone, choose to celebrate their lives through Celebrating YOURS!